Kask Creativity unveils new logo

Kask Creativity unveiled a new logo today to go along with its sixth anniversary.

The new logo retains the current “griffon” icon implemented a few years ago, but severely alters the wordmark portion of the logo.

A logo typically can be made up of two elements— the icon and the wordmark. Some times it’s just one or the other, but most often, especially in “Corporate America,” a company’s logo is a marriage of the two. Kask Creativity is no different.


The new wordmark (the words “Kask Creativity”) has undergone a drastic change from previous incarnations. First off, color. I chose to move from the orange to the blue because, frankly, blue suits me better. Beyond that, it is more soothing, more corporate and more engaging. However, I decided to pick a blue nearer the “electric” side of things to still harness the energy and excitement that goes into what I do. A complimentary grey neutral helps make the blue pop even more.

The logo is designed to work on a dark or white background, seen below:


The word “Kask” is in a new font style never seen before from Kask Creativity. It’s a youthful approach to the word, with all lowercase, while still retaining some unknown level of gravitas. At the same time, the closeness of the letters creates a sense of stability and thoughtfulness that goes into the identities I create and foster.

“Creativity” in the mark is there to support the word “Kask,” again redefining what it is I do— use my unique approach to design (“Kask”), supported by my “eye” and my training (“Creativity”).

Beyond that, I just wanted a change, and like the new direction. Change in design can be nice. And when your company is small, and especially when it is in the creative field, I feel it important to make slight alterations that will give new importance and new edge to your brand.

And there you have! Hope you like the new logo. What are your thoughts?

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